How to make mouth-watering Christmas Eggnog at home? /*

Delicious Christmas Eggnog Recipe

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How to make mouth-watering Christmas Eggnog at home? 

Christmas without Eggnog? Unthinkable! Learn how to make mouth-watering Christmas Eggnog at home with us over at Radley Acura in Washington D.C. Try out this easy recipe and make delicious Eggnog to serve your guests this Christmas season. Continue reading for the recipe.  

History of Eggnog 

Eggnog was founded in 1899 by Almeda Lambert and is a traditional drink consumed over the Christmas season in US and Canada. The Eggnog is available in various types and flavors. They include the Baltimore Eggnog, General Jackson Eggnog, Imperial Eggnog, Sherry Cobbler Eggnog, Sherry Cobbler with Egg, Mulled Claret with Egg, Egg sour, and Saratoga Egg Lemonade.  

The word “nog” is a term for a type of strong beer brewed in East Anglia. But the phrase Eggnog is more American. The British version is called Egg Flip due to flipping the mixture between two pitchers. US President George Washington started the tradition of serving an eggnog-like drink to visitors.  

Today, Eggnog is available commercially and can also be made at home. The commercial Eggnog comes in various flavors, including chocolate.  

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Ingredients and Preparation 

It is effortless to make Eggnog. All you need are a lightly beaten egg, a tablespoon of Gomme syrup, 30 ml Brandy, 90 ml milk, and 30 ml Dark Rum. Now it is time to combine these ingredients. In a shaker, add everything except the milk and shake well. Strain this concoction into a glass goblet or a glass of your desire, and slowly add in the milk. Gently stir the milk and top the glass with a little bit of powdered nutmeg. Serve chilled or warm, depending on the weather outside. 

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