Is it normal for the Acura brake pedal to move at a stop?

Here’s why it might feel like your brake pedal is “sinking”

By Product Expert | Posted in FAQs, Service on Thursday, April 12th, 2018 at 8:29 pm
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Is it normal for the Acura brake pedal to move at a stop?

When you drive a new car, there are things you like, and then there are things that take time to adjust to. For example, if you’re updating from an older vehicle, you’ll love Bluetooth connectivity, but it will take some time to perfectly understand your menu options. This is all expected, but what if a vehicle doesn’t respond quite as you’re accustomed to? Naturally, there’s always a bit of fear of a defect when you make an expensive purchase. We’re here to help clear things up. A common question is whether it’s normal for the brake pedal to move, or “sink,” when you’re holding it down at a stop light. Don’t worry, this is a common feeling when driving a new Acura. Here’s why.

Engine Vacuum increases stopping power

Though it’s not a feature often discussed, most cars have what are known as “power brakes.” Back when cars had drum brakes, which hasn’t been the norm for a few decades now, this power assistance wasn’t necessary. Effectively, there’s a booster in the engine that uses vacuum to assist in braking pressure. Without it, you’d have to apply much more force every time you need to brake. Let’s just say, your calves would be toned without needing to hit the gym.

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So why does your brake pedal seem to have more ease when you’re idling? Effectively, there’s just a normal change in engine vacuum There are multiple things that cause this change, such as having your foot on the accelerator and brake at the same time. In particular, the air conditioning has a high impact on many systems and puts more load on the engine. As it cycles on and off to maintain climate control, you might notice not only changes in your brake assistance, but you might also notice your headlights dim for just a second.

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Are there any other system quirks you’ve noticed? Don’t be afraid to ask about them with a comment here at the Radley Acura Blog.